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Feb 17, 2017


What Really Happens on The Wedding Night – Episode #109

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So we all have specific expectations of the wedding night.  But that expectation can be very different from reality.  We've decided to share some things with you, not to burst your bubble but to give you some real ideas.  It can absolutely be sweet and romantic but it's most likely not going to be.

  • The romance doesn't start on the wedding night and that's ok
  • You are going to be tired, pooped, or may have drunk a little too much for any hanky panky
  • You are going to be hungry especially if you haven't eaten since dancing
  • The hanky panky most likely won't be the best of your life
  • No matter if you do it or not or if it mind shattering, it does not set the tone or determine how it's going to be for the rest of your marriage


  • Plan on not having a night of romance, just have fun at your reception
  • Save your best lingerie for the honeymoon
  • Either order room service or have someone deliver a meal to your room
  • Sleep is good
  • Lower your expectations, it's not going to be like the movies
  • Flirt during the wedding and reception, yeah it's a party but it's to celebrate your love
  • Relax
    • Bubble baths
    • Partner massages
  • Do stay somewhere other than home even if you aren't honeymooning right away take a mini-moon

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