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Feb 27, 2017

Debt Free Wedding Planning – Episode #112

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Today we have with us Angelica Casimiro with Bloom Financial Strategy + Consulting for Creatives. She is Financial strategist and consultant for wedding creative entrepreneurs. Not only does she work with creatives but she was also able to do her own wedding planning and come out of it debt free. She is here to share some of her debt free wedding planning secrets with us.
  • Angelica's background and why having a debt-free wedding has been so important to us
  • Angelica's personal experience on planning my own wedding and coming out of it completely debt-free
  • Setting a plan for having a debt-free wedding:
    • Developing a wedding budget - thinking about what's REALLY important to you, what you are personally willing to invest in, what you are willing to cut back on, etc.
    • Saving - mindset, and tactics
    • Tracking wedding expenses
  • Other money saving tips:
    • Stick to local vendors
    • Rentals vs buying
    • REASONABLY utilize the talents of your family and friends
      Consider more inexpensive options for items you are willing to cut back on
  • Additional basic financial advice for newlyweds
    • Communication is key!
    • Allocate funds / set a budget
    • Develop a strategy to pay off debt - student loans, credit cards, etc.
    • Protect yourself - savings, insurance, etc.
    • Meet with a trusted advisor on investments, start early and don't wait!

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