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Jan 19, 2018

Valentine's Day Wedding Ideas - Episode 155


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The holidays are over, or are they?  Valentine's day is a very popular engagement day but it's also a very popular wedding day.  We want to give you some Valentine's Day Wedding ideas for décor, colors, and dress to help you plan your Valentine's day wedding.

Modern Minimalist ideas

  • Black, White, Red
  • Sparse décor- small floral arrangements, usually single flower and color flower vases and accessories on tables, candles
  • Clean lines- Color blocking
  • Simple table settings
  • Modern invitations, clean font, minimal flourishes, usually words

Traditional Valentine's Day Wedding

  • Red, Pink, White, Gold, Purple
  • Décor and floral are vintage in feel
  • Lots of roses and greenery (remember roses will be at a premium price)
  • Substitute for roses-carnations-they come in most popular colors

Non-Traditional Color palettes

  • Tiffany blue/turquoise and red
  • Light blue, red and blush
  • Burgundy, gold, navy and black
  • Mocha, Burgundy, gold, and chocolate
Be bold in your dress- go with a blush or even red
  • White Tea Length with a red petticoat
  • White dress with a red shawl
  • White dress with red accents
  • White dress with red dipped dyed hem
  • White dress with red and pink floral print
  • Ruby red shoes

Go totally all out Valentines Day Wedding!

  • Evites be like V-day cards
  • Bowls of sweethearts
  • Red, white, pink, purple
  • Heart balloons
  • Carnations
  • Heart shaped everything
  • X's and O's
  • Candy conversation hearts




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