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Jan 26, 2018

Invitations, What you Need to Know – Episode #156 

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We've discussed invitations a few times but this time we wanted to get a bit more detailed.  We're sharing with you the ins and outs of your wedding invitation suite. 

Save the Date cards- 

  • Why should I send them? - it gives your guests a chance to schedule time off, make travel plans. 
  • When should I send them? - 6-8 months prior to your wedding date 
  • Who should I send them too? -everyone you are anticipating coming to the wedding. 
  • Are electronic STD's okay- yes, if you are struggling with the budget, sending the STD electronically is just fine? It saves on stamps and paper goods cost.  
  • (greenvelope show) 


  • Invites should be sent out 6-8 weeks before the wedding date. 
  • Main key details are: 
  • Time 
  • Date 
  • Ceremony location 
  • Reception location 
  • If the invitation is the only thing you are sending then include: 
  • Type of dress-casual, cocktail, black tie 
  • Food choices if having a sit-down dinner 
  • If you have a wedding website I would put the web address on there for that. 


Choices for the Wedding Invitation Suite- 

Reception card- this is not needed if it all fits on the invitation itself or on the RSVP card 

This is a card explaining what type of a reception it will be.  Etiquette requires some formality with this:  

  • If the reception is before 1 PM the card should read Breakfast Reception 
  • If after 1 PM you will just need to put reception 
  • If after 5 PM and it is a sit-down dinner please put Sit Down Dinner Reception 

Direction Card- may not be needed if the address is easily found through GPS, this is also something you can put on your wedding website. 

This card needs to be in a font that is easily readable.   

Response or RSVP Card- 

Make sure you put a stamp on the return envelope for the RSVP card.  Include the number of guests, menu choices if you didn't include a reception card, also if there are special dietary needs. 

Accommodation Card- this card is for your out of town guests that need hotel rooms.  You can reserve a block of rooms at a hotel in your area for this need.  Make sure you put a deadline date for the response on this card. 

Inner envelope- This envelope has the name of each guest invited, only the names listed on this card are the ones invited to the wedding.  Make the names clearly visible when opened. 

Outer Envelope-Name and address of the guest or guests, clearly legible, and a stamp plus a return address.  

Invitation Terms:  

Invitation Chat with Ginger: 



Sister in Law 

My fiance's sister is getting married about 5 months before us and I was asked to be in the bridal party(disclaimer: we did set our date and get engaged before her but its no big deal to me). We were all getting fitted for bridesmaids dresses and she looks at all of us and says, jokingly but not at the same time,  "none of you better be pregnant for my wedding." A few months later, she and I were out to dinner together talking about my wedding and her wedding. She says to me, "you know, I am probably going to be pregnant when I stand in your wedding." I told her I didn't care. On the ride home, the comment she made popped into my head from a few months prior. A part of me does not care if she is pregnant in my wedding, but the other part of me is kind of hurt by her saying we "weren't allowed", but she can do whatever she wants. She is not a person I would confront if I had a problem. I try to steer clear of any confrontation or disagreement. I came home and told my fiance what she had said that night and he was upset. He said he was going to call her and tell her the same thing she'd told us. I told him not to because I knew she would confront me and tell me if I had a problem I need to talk to her about it instead of sending a messenger.  

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