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Feb 23, 2018




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Ultra Violet may be Pantone's color of the year but we wanted to share with you the top 12 colors for spring 2018. You may want to visit the website if your podcast app doesn't support photos.  We have an example palette for each color so go to to see them. The first color in the palette is the main color. 

We used to find these palettes.  You can use the hex codes to find more.   

Pantone Spring 2018 Top 12 Color Palette 
4 seasonal shades 

With Hex codes for searching! 

Meadowlark EAD94E 

Cherry Tomato EB3C27 

Little Boy Blue 6EA2D5 

Chili Oil 8E3C36 

Pink Lavender D9AFCA 


Blooming Dahlia EB9687 

Arcadia 00A28A 

Emperador 684832 

Almost Mauve E7DCD9 

Spring Crocus BA69A1 

Lime Punch C0D725 


Sailor Blue 0E3A53 

Harbor Mist AFB1B4 

Warm Sand C5AE91 

Coconut Milk F0EDE5 


***Listener Question***

Logan writes: 

I just found your podcast and I'm really happy! I have heard a few episodes and most recently, the geeky wedding episode. I am in the very early planning stages of a geeky wedding in Salem, Oregon. My fiancée and I own a pop culture events company so we will be combining our favorite fandoms. I am a little nervous about it clashing with class. I look forward to learning more from you guys on this journey!! 

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