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May 25, 2018

Wedding Vows and How to Write Them with Alexis Dent - Episode #173

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Personal Vows are sometimes very difficult to come up with, wouldn't it be great if you had some help with that. Well, this episode we have a guest host who shares some very valuable tips and tricks on how to create your wedding vows.

xo juliet, wedding planning podcast, wedding vows, Alexis Dent Alexis Dent with XO Juliet, a luxury wedding service designed to help with all wedding-related speaking engagements, is here to give us some guidance on wedding vows and how to write them. Alexis is an award-winning writer and author of Everything I Left Behind . She offers her skills in writing personalized wedding vows and speeches of all kinds including the best man and maid of honor!

Here are a few things we discuss:

-Her story on how she became a writer and author

-What is a wedding vow

Promises not just about your relationship

Add antidotes a few, balance

-Why would someone want to write their own vows

Secular non-religious

-What are your top 5 (to 10) tips on writing vows

Poignant, sappy, vulnerable

Don't be afraid to share the bad too

Make actual vows-promises

Keep it to 500-700 words

Try and memorize if you can

Find Alexis and her Services Here:

xo juliet, wedding planning podcast, wedding vows, Alexis Dent

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