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Nov 9, 2018

Wedding Planning Questions - Episode #192

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Today we share all the wedding planning questions that you are asking! And we give you answers.

Can we fire a member of our bridal/groom party?

Yes, of course, you can, do it tastefully. If they are not doing their job as part of the wedding party or are causing strife within you can either replace them or ask them to bow out.

How soon can I reach out to people who haven’t RSVPed?

Do we have to pay for bridesmaids’ and grooms’ flights and rooms?

No, you do not. If you have the resources you are welcome to do it or at least pay for accommodations.

Can we have a no-phone, no-social media wedding?

Yes, make it known to your guest either through invites, website or announcement at the ceremony.

Linens rent or buy?

Do I really need to give multiple gifts?

Etiquette says, yes! But if you are going to multiple events you can limit. Showers and the wedding, yes you need to bring a gift and please use the registry

Online Registries!

Hi future wives, I am from Costa Rica and I am getting married in February. We aren’t going to do any dancing or Carnaval or even mariachi. We only want an acoustic rock band and maybe a trio of instruments for the lunch. What other activities can we do.. any ideas? The reception will be held on a terrace in front of a garden.

We are thinking about doing what would be called a cake and champagne reception but neither of us like champagne so we’re looking for suggestions on another type of alcohol or alcohol that would go well with the dessert table


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Timelines and Checklists


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