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Feb 1, 2019

Engagement Party Essentials - Episode #198

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Timelines and Checklists     

Do you have to have an Engagement Party?  No, but it’s an opportunity for family and friends to interact and get to know each other in an intimate setting.  It’s totally up to you if you want to have one. 


  • Pick a date 6-12 weeks from Engagement 
  • Decide who’s hosting, Traditionally bride’s parents.   
  • The guest list, the rule is that anyone invited to the engagement party is invited to the wedding.   
  • The venue can be as big or small, informal or formal as you as a couple would like. Once that is decided upon then finding a venue will be much easier.  Backyard, private dining room, or favorite bar!   
  • Register, you don’t have to have a full gift registry set up but it’s a good idea to have something to share with anyone that asks.  Gifts aren’t required. 
  • Send invites, yes, they are needed as you would for any other official gathering. 
  • Menu, appetizers, BBQ, or plated dinner.  It’s up to you and your desired celebration. 
  • Details/Decor, focus on celebrating.  Keep it simple.  Doesn’t have to be the same as the wedding reception. 
  • Games, maybe you are game people maybe you aren’t, but having something fun even a photo show could create love and laughter. Lawn games for a backyard party or a scavenger hunt are a few ideas. 
  • Attire, you can wear white if you so choose.  You can go as formal or informal as you’d like.  Hawaiian shirts or bow ties.  Totally up to you! 
  • Favors, not need but if you want, a save the date magnet or reminder of the wedding date would be acceptable.  
  • Photos, of course!!  Take a big family photo and take advantage of this gathering of family and friends. 
  • Just remember that this is a celebratory party with your closest friends and family who may not know each other well.  Keep it simple and allow your guests to get to know each other.  Make sure you introduce your families. 

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