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Oct 14, 2016

In this episode, we have guest host Ginger Herr, with Chalk.Ink.Style, in to tell us about the options that are available for the paper items and signage for your wedding.

Before we get to the paper goods we have a little update for you: Referring to a recent episode Information That you Need Before you Meet with Your Vendors– Episode #75 From Neil with Dandy DJ:

 I personally never connect beforehand about where I'm setting up or the amount of room I will have because it almost always changes when I arrive (and I'm never informed). It's my job to work with the space I'm given. Any pro should be fluid enough to be able to scale their rig. I do let them know that I need to be within 100 feet of adequate electricity at the reception. (my ceremony system is battery powered though).

Re: the mention of the table. You should NEVER have to provide a table for the DJ. A Pro DJ will always carry their own table. They know exactly how much space their tabletop set up takes and is critical to have just that amount and absolutely no more, otherwise, you invite drinks being set next to your electronics (that's not a good thing). My table is an integrated part of what I do. When there is a table provided for me, I appreciate the sentiment, but I have to have it removed so I can set my proper table up. It's part of my essential equipment. I would go as far as to say it's a good litmus test when interviewing DJs. If they require you to provide such an essential part of their setup, in my opinion, it speaks to their (un) professionalism.

My last thought is placement. You should always try to place the DJ as close to the dance floor as possible so they can better serve the dance floor with leading dances, taking requests, etc. If I'm positioned far from the floor, it really hinders the quality of what I can provide. Also if the speakers and lights have to be placed far away from the dance floor, that also causes the experience to suffer, especially for speakers. If I have to blow out grandma's eardrums in the back of the room in order for it to be loud enough to reach the dance floor, that's really bad. She's usually sitting away from the floor in order to avoid being near the loud music.

As we are sure you already know, Shannon is a paper person, in that she has to take notes on paper and have a notebook handy.  Kim likes to take notes on her computer, tablet, or phone.  But they both love paper invites. As you will find out there are so many fun options for paper to use for your wedding.

  • What options are there
  • What styles and types of papers are there
  • What colors
  • What about signage
  • What options are there
  • Are chalkboards still the thing or is there something new

So glad Ginger was able to come out and give us some great nuggets! Now you know you have some options. The one big takeaway is keeping everything cohesive.  From the save the date to the thank you notes, let them all blend with your wedding style and/or theme.


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