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Apr 28, 2017

Unique Wedding Ceremony Rituals - Episode #121

Unique wedding ceremony rituals can be something that's been passed down through history or something that you can just make up as you go.  Today we share some of the more unique rituals that are happening.

Handfasting – pagan ritual of tying hands together
Ring warming, hanging/organza bag
Quilt wrapping
Lei exchange
Rose ceremony - giving or getting them
Sand ceremony – hourglass
Unity cross - two piece
Wine box love letters – add bottle of wine and letters, determine an anniversary, lock box at the wedding (different variations, rum and nailed) (also having guests sign the bottle)
Earth mixing - gathered earth from all the homes each has ever lived in and mixed the earth together in a single jar.
Beer blending - Same concept as sand
Wine blending
Salt covenant - Ancient ceremony ritual
Tree planting - take home or plant at the venue
Stones – each guest holds a stone, makes a wish for the couple (can even write it on the stone) place it in a decorative bowl or vessel
Branding – Create your new brand and then brand a piece of wood to display in your new home
Hand washing - "washing away the past"
Love Lock Tree - Couple and/or guests, adding kids and family to it


Traditions from around the world if you are interested in looking through them


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