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Jun 2, 2017

Farm to Table Weddings - Episode #126

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We aren't experts in this new-fangled 'farm to table' wedding trend. So we asked a friend to come to help us explain this topic.

The previous co-owner of not only Woodland Meadows farms but also the owner of Activity Girl consulting, Amee Quiriconi is here today to help us explore the topic of farm to table weddings. She is an entrepreneur, inventor, product designer, and boss. Amee joined Woodland Meadows Farm in 2011 and has been tirelessly building it and Dairyland farms into premier wedding venues here in the Snohomish area.

-What does Farm to Table mean?
-How do you plan a farm to table wedding/reception?
-Give us some ideas for decor for a farm to table wedding.
-Can the couple meet the farmer and the chef(s)?
-What to ask.
-Types of farm to table weddings are there? ie, just the floral, meal, or drinks?

  • The goods on the table came straight from the farm, no in-betweens.
  • In weddings, Farm to Table means being local and conscientious of your surroundings, seasons and needs.
  • Venue- farm, winery, outdoors
  • Food-seasonal, organic, simple, rustic, homegrown recipes
  • Flowers-local growers, organic, salmon safe
  • Ditch the stuffy, be open up to new ideas
  • Do family style
  • Wooden farm tables
  • Food on the tables
  • No specific seating arrangements.
  • Go elegantly simple
  • Do potted plants or herbs as tablescapes
  • Natural linens and tableware
  • Make it an intimate affair

Invite only those that are close to you and who you really want to share this day with.

The smaller guest list also means the less environmental impact

Less travel

Not as many goods consumed

Less Expense

Show off the venue

Meet the farmers, chef

Let them speak to your guests about the process

Have a backup plan-mother nature can surprise you.  Harvesting changes from day to day.  Ask if your farm works with other local farms so you can get what you want or if what you want is just not available make sure you have substitutions.

Enjoy the planning of your farm to table wedding.  See if you can use the venue for engagement photos. Visit the farm to see how things are growing.


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