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Jun 16, 2017

Planning Budget Savvy Weddings – Episode #128

We all know that DIY can save you some money but what are some other money saving ways to plan a wedding? Well, we have Jessica Bishop of Budget Savvy Bride here with us today and she is the queen of planning beautiful weddings on a budget.

Jessica Bishop of The Budget Savvy Bride has been sharing tips and secrets since planning her own wedding back in 2009. She has info for wedding budgets as low as $1000.  Jessica is here today to share some of those secrets with us.

-Jessica's journey

-Besides DIY what are your 5 top tips for planning budget savvy weddings?

  •  Budget
  •  Smaller guest list to create a better experience for your guests
  •  Resources from friends and family
  •  Consider less traditional and Upcycling
  •  Think outside the box - catering

-Where are the best places to buy/rent décor?

-How do you acquire top quality vendors on a strict limited budget?

  •  Realistic Expectations within your budget
  •  Bartering

-What elements of the wedding would you encourage saving money and spend money on?

  •  Enhancing guests experience

-How do you feed your large guest list on a limited budget?

  •  Pasta stations
  •  BBQ
  •  Taco bars
  •  Brunch

-Can you have a sit-down dinner?

  • Research venue  blank vs. All inclusive
  • Depends on size of budget
  •  Staffing

-What would you recommend for a couple who aren't creative, don't have time, and are on a limited budget but want an upscale type wedding?

  •   Cut the guest list
  •   PLANNER!
  •   Non-traditional venues

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