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Jul 27, 2018

Money Planning for Weddings and Newlyweds with Dan Hinz – Episode #182

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money planning, Dan Hinz, wedding planning, podcast Our guest today is Dan Hinz, a financial coach, who helps engaged couples and newlyweds stop money fights before they start. He's written an in-depth, guide to teach couples how to get on the same page with money. He's here today to give us some guidance on how to do the money planning thing for your wedding and as newlyweds.

  • Your story/journey to where you are now (personal experience)
  • How does a couple even start talking about money planning for the wedding and beyond?
  • Who pays for what and how do you decide on that?
  • How important is it to stick to the budget during wedding planning?
  1. As a new couple do you advise joint or separate accounts or some type of combination of both?
  2. Money is the number one reason for arguments in marriage, what advice would you give our listeners to keep from fighting?
  3. Your business is called Adulting with Money, what are your top 5 tips for newlyweds to adult with money?
    1. Have reg convos- personal first, finances later
    2. It's ok if the work is 90/10 but the decisions need to be 50/50
    3. Have separate fun money
    4. Give it 3 months at least
    5. Be kind and flexible




Dan's Guide: (pdf download with free worksheet)


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