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Apr 5, 2019

Wedding Money Saving Tips – Episode #207

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Timelines and Checklists

It’s time for some more money-saving tips. We’ve had shows on individual areas such as floral but today we are giving you a great list to choose from.

  • Offseason venues or get married on a weekday
  • In – season floral
  • Make a budget and stick to it
  • Wedding website
  • Wedding party Gifts:
    • Pay for hair and makeup/ outfit accessories
  • Guest list cull cull cull
  • Small and intimate, limit plus ones
  • Alternate bridesmaids' bouquets, single stem “bouquets”
  • Go paperless
    • Seating chart rather than cards
    • Menu sign, rather than personal menus
  • Rent House for a venue, housing, and honeymoon
  • Consider college campus
  • Courthouse wedding
  • Borrow jewelry
  • Dress:
    • Consignment
    • Samples
    • Order early
  • Borrow from newlyweds or go in together for floral and or décor
  • Let your family help if they offer
  • Reuse floral, bouquets as centerpieces, relocate large pieces, make large pieces from smaller ones
  • Candles
  • Borrow fancy car for exit
  • Cut the floral boutonnieres and corsages,
  • Limit alcohol options-signature cocktail, 1 red, and 1 white wine option, limit beer selection
  • Consider college students for live music
  • Price multiple options
    • Cake, small cake for cutting, cupcake or other sweets for guests.
    • Catering-buffet, passed appetizers, single menu options
    • Drinks
  • Charitable favor/no favors/favors as centerpieces
  • Chairs moved from ceremony to reception
  • Disposable plates for cake
  • Suburb restaurants can be less pricey than inner city
  • Ask about kids pricing for catering or have a separate menu
  • Buy secondhand decor
  • Late night snacks but not for everyone, since not everyone will close out the night
Listener Question:

Hello! So my mom and others really want to help me make decisions and do the research involved with hiring our vendors and such. How do I politely tell them when I expect them to do their part? I'd think that within a couple of days to a week it would be acceptable to check back in for a progress report, but I've been finding that they haven't gotten to that task yet.

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