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Oct 10, 2016

In the episode, we will give you something to think about.  Reasons to elope and reasons to have a large wedding. Plus some stats on wedding laws across the US!

Reasons to Elope: 

  • Money
  • Can be quicker
  • Less stress
  • Avoid situations
  • Hardly any planning, no seating charts, no timelines
  • Spontaneous
  • Romantic
  • It's not your first wedding
  • Anxiety and being the center of attention
  • If your fiance is in the military or you are or are both
  • You never wanted a big wedding
  • Don't want to deal with bossy/nosey family]
  • Have an adventure. Honeymoon and wedding all in one

 Reasons to have a large wedding: 

  • You've always wanted one
  • You can afford
  • You have a huge family and circle of friends
  • Gifts – great way to outfit your new home
  • You love organization and planning parties
  • You deal with stress really well
  • You have a great supportive family and circle of friends
  • If you like to be in the spotlight
  • It's your first wedding

 Wedding Laws

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