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Aug 4, 2017

How to Interview Your Wedding Photographer - Episodes #135

Today we are going to go through the interview process with a wedding photographer. We are joined by Kate with GSquared Weddings.

 First contact? Email (preferred)

What to say? As much detail, as possible!!! More detail=more excited to work with you. Specific date or lots of flexibility. Budget limitations

When to send? Recommend at least a year

Phone call?

What to say if different from the email? Date, venue (travel fee), Any questions you have.

When to call?

Nugget: *text photographer while at venue to secure dates*

Meet in person?

What to expect.

Where to meet – Coffee shop or something in between the both of you, might just be one team member

Make sure to refresh your memory by looking at their work.

Questions to ask -

If they haven't worked at the venue ask for examples of work in similar light conditions. Find a vendor who has an ability to work in the light.
Vetted Reviews, yelp, TheKnot, Google+,
Make sure they are the team member that will be at the wedding and if not, can you meet them?
The scope of responsibilities of the photographer. Timeline? Vendor recommendation?
Is all the work on their site theirs?
How would you describe your working style?
How many weddings have you done?
Do you have a full wedding that I can see?
How do I view my proofs and how long until I see them?
How many images can I expect to receive?
What exactly do your packages include?
Will we be within a legal contract? No handshake agreements
How to know that they are or are not right for you?

Knowing what you want, behind the scenes, heavily edited, prints or digital, hours, style you want (editing)(posing),

Knowing the type of personality you get along with. If you want to invite them over for a bbq, yes. Want to be BFFs, yes.

They don't shoot in the style like, no.

If they are unresponsive (realistically), no.

Blow off the need for a contract or insurance, no

Not willing to give references, no

No vendor recommendation, no

Remember you can reach us anytime by emailing

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-Until next time, No Stress No Worries Keep Calm and Listen On-